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The Huntsman Legion
HUNTSMAN of the LEGION are hand picked operatives, the best of the best, from all law enforcement and military organizations brought together to battle a crisis of infinite proportions brewing in the multiverse, which if left unchecked, possesses the power to destroy all known universes in its wake.

Operatives of the HUNTSMAN LEGION are highly trained technically proficient individuals expected to operate alone after they are sent through the NEXUS GATE. Their only ally on their mission, and their only link to Legionnaire headquarters, are the WATCHTOWER NEXUS SPACE SATELLITES.

Each HUNTSMAN of the LEGION is assigned an artificial intelligence known as a WATCHTOWER to aid them and a location within the multiverse where that reality displays clear evidence of being altered during the crisis. The Huntsman assigned to that location must stop the alteration of the very fabric of reality in it’s tracks. Each operation, once factored in with the rest, will render the entire crisis inert.

HUNTSMAN R7R: Tom Spenser is trapped in his mission reality, cut off from Legionnaire command, he reverts back into the role of a constable of the MANHUNTER CORP as he and the WatchTower search for a way for Tom to return to his home reality now that his mission is complete.


Creator: Caine Dorr
Writer: Caine Dorr
Audio Mixing: April Sadowski

Huntsman - Chase Johnson
Tower - Laura Pirard
Boss Battle - Paul Ellis
Carmine - Seth Bramwell
The Doctor - Russell Gold
Jones - Chase Johnson
Little Joe - Seth Bramwell
Mason - Caine Dorr
Mick - Carole Stokes
Man 1 - Yanira CM
Man 2 - Russell Gold
Man 3 – Devon Sadowski
Nurse - Laura Pirard
Officer - Glenn Hascall
Orderly - Glenn Hascall
Robbie - Aaron Macom
Stevie - Steven Carr
Vinnie - Steven Carr


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