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The Commander of Knights
Knight Inc is devoted to: security, safety, and a fair voice for all. Knight Inc uses it's vast resources to establish non-lethal ordinance, security technologies, communication technologies, and life saving technologies for the entire world. In addition agents of Knight Inc investigate security threats, manage negotiations, support safe and life saving programs. Those who come for assistance get it, those who can pay do so, and those who can't are not asked too directly but most eventually do pay for the services they receive in one manner or another.

Geoffrey Knight - a natural leader, trained as a tactitioner and commander of men since birth Commander Knight has decided that he will not take a life while he commands a life saving organization focused on safety and security.

This podcast episode "Commander of Knights" is only an excerpt of a larger story that exists in the Modern Pulp Heroes anthology by Metahuman Press which can be found here:

Written & Produced By:
Caine Dorr

Find out more about the author Caine and his great work at the Adventure Frequency Caine Dorr is the creator of the Huntsman Legion , Commander Knight of Knight Incorporated, The Paladin Brigade , Midnight Talon & Raven Star and many more.

His work can be experienced everyday at the Adventure Frequency and heard both on the Adventure Frequency Podcastas well as the CityNewsNet podcast. The characters, events, and situations depicted within are © the authors.

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